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3 bay raid

List of Latest 3 bay raid Models

The Main Features
1)  Support USB3.1 Gen 2 Protocol (10Gbps) together with Type-C connector.
2)  Support 2+1 bays, mainly for you to use both of high-speed 2.5" SSD for efficiency and high-capacity 3.5" HDD for mass storage space.
3)  Support the 2 2.5" bay with RAID 1 mode for data protection during writings, and the 1 3.5" bay for huge data storage capacity.
4)  Support the transportable feature at both of 3.5" HDD and anyone of the two 2.5" SSDs/HDDs
5)  Help data protection in case if anyone of the two 2.5" SSDs/HDDs is defect.
6)  Support in-chassis overheat temperature monitoring and warning feature.

To support USB3.1 Gen 2 Protocol (10Gbps) together with Type-C connector
The DR3-B31 supports USB3.1 Gen 2 Protocol together with JBOD/RAID 1 storage modes which gives you an up to 10Gbps speed and a valuable storage mode choices.  You could easily use it for searching data and editing your huge photo galleries directly from your Macbook Pro (USB-C) from its easy and friendly to use features.  And also, you could definitely edit the 4K high resolution videos with no any uncomfortable delay.
Our new DR3-B31 supports the USB Type-C connector which is compliant to that of Thunderbolt 3's, and you could directly connect it from any TB3 port at your new MacBook Pro.   That means that you could easily connect them together without caring its cable direction. 

The built-in power supply unit
DR3-B31 uses conform with safety regulation certified 60W power supply unit which provides a stable and high efficient power output and definitely satisfies the big power consumption from all HDDs.

Its excellent heat dissipation prolongs your HDD/SSD life
DR3-B31's extruded aluminum material with our fine sand-blasting finishing work gives a seamless, sleek design and provides a very rigid structure to protect your data. And its rigid chassis could let you carry it around to different desks for different works.
And its aluminum material helps an excellent heat dissipation which the heat is generated from your HDDs.

Its sleek and stylish design catches your eye-sights
Its sleek and stylish exterior design catches your eye-sights even though you put it right beside your Mac. Its chassis is made by a thickness extruded aluminum material which provides you a good protection at your HDDs/SSDs from its rigid chassis design and its efficient heat dissipation.