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dell general purpose disk arrays

List of Latest dell general purpose disk arrays Models

Storage for a converged blade solution:
Consolidate storage, blade servers and networking into a scalable, virtualized data center with the Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array.

Converge your data center
Compute, network and store in a single PowerEdge M1000e blade chassis and help reduce your data center real estate, cable configurations and power/cooling requirements.

Integrate enterprise-class storage with your blades
Gain highly flexible storage for your blade environment with a double-wide, half-height blade array that can be installed in any slot in the PowerEdge M1000e chassis.

Expand your storage with ease
Save time scaling storage capacity and performance simultaneously and non-disruptively with EqualLogic’s outstanding peer-scaling architecture.

Help simplify management and mitigate risk
Depend on centralized monitoring and reporting as well as powerful data protection with the enhanced all-inclusive software features of the EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array.
More capacity and performance
Increase capacity and improve performance with an ultra-dense array for midsized deployments.

High-performing, ultra-dense arrays:
The Dell Storage PS6610 arrays combine next-generation powerful controllers and an updated dense storage architecture to meet large data repository requirements. PS and SC Series latest software releases offer common management and cross-platform replication, allowing you to leverage existing investments while taking advantage of new functionality.

The PS6610 can scale out to over 8PB in a group of 16 arrays with improved density, memory and performance than the previous generation.
  • Provides up to 7x greater performance in a hybrid configuration than previous generation arrays
  • Supports over half a petabyte in a single array and up to 3.5x* greater capacity than the previous generation
  • Offers space savings with 2.8x* more density per U than the previous generation
Power, simplicity and versatility.
New-generation Dell Storage PS Series arrays streamline storage management and improve and simplify performance for lasting value.

Streamline storage management:
The Dell EqualLogic PS6210 array allows you to manage more data with fewer resources, and integrate with common application environments and various operating systems. In addition, the latest Dell Storage PS and SC Series software releases provide common management and cross-platform replication capabilities, allowing you to take advantage of new functionality while utilizing existing investments. The PS6210 Series is designed to:

Deploy in virtualized VMware environments, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server applications and distributed DAS implementations
Support block and file data along with the FS Series through a single intuitive interface
Support server and desktop virtualization

Advanced software that eases management
Manage day-to-day tasks, replicate volumes and initiate migration from PS Series to SC Series arrays with the latest software releases, which include Dell Storage Manager (DSM). The Dell Storage PS Series Array Software helps you store, protect, virtualize and optimize data on the PS6210. The full Dell Storage PS Series software suite also includes:
PS Series Host Software that extends the functionality of the array-based software to enable cooperation with host operating systems, hypervisors and applications
Host Integration Tools for Microsoft, VMware and Linux products
SAN HQ management software with an interface for monitoring your groups of PS Series arrays that are integrated into Dell Services with Support Assist
Performance, capacity and power:
Increase performance with the right-sized and priced PS4210 Series for your growing business.

Optimized performance and connectivity:
The Dell Storage PS4210 10GbE iSCSI arrays increase performance and connectivity options for small- to mid-sized businesses. With the latest software releases, PS and SC Series offer common management and cross-platform replication capabilities between arrays, allowing you to take advantage of new functionality while leveraging existing investments. As part of the PS Series line, the Dell Storage PS4210 arrays provide tight integration in common application environments while offering:
  • Better performance—up to six times the performance with new hybrid-flash arrays compared to previous generation arrays
  • Dual 10GbE ports, twice as many ports as the previous generation
  • Support for server and desktop virtualization
Our most affordable hybrid array:
New entry point to SC Series auto-tiering and enterprise-class storage features

  • Unprecedented advantage at this price point:
  • Why should budget constraints limit your access to state-of-the-art storage technology? The new SCv3000 Series arrays pack more advanced capabilities in an entry-level hybrid solution than ever before, helping even the smallest companies compete effectively against larger, more expensive deployments.
  • SCv3000 starting cost is among the lowest in the industry – but don’t let the price fool you! This array punches well above its weight, offering a unique combination of features designed to accelerate business outcomes for budget-conscious customers.
Optimize the core of your business:
Turbocharge your data center and lower TCO with the fast, highly scalable Dell EMC SC9000.

Scale, streamline and accelerate your enterprise data center:
The SC9000 provides an ideal solution for large-scale storage, high-end workloads and distributed enterprise environments. Our latest flagship array offers all the industry-leading capabilities of the SC Series line in a fully upgraded, more scalable system. Enhancements include: 
  • 40% more IOPS over 110% more throughput 
  • Dual 8-core Intel Xeon, 4x system memory
  • Intelligent deduplication and compression 
  • Multi-array federation and auto-failover
  • Enhanced virtualization and encryption
  • Cross-platform replication and shared management with PS Series arrays 

The SC9000 is backed by Dell Copilot Services, which combines centralized support, education and sales resources with 24x7 active system monitoring to help improve performance and stability.
A new level of Storage Center OS efficiency:
SCOS 7 is a groundbreaking leap forward in the evolution of Dell EMC SC platform, offering diverse envrionments the ideal access point to deploy uniquely adaptable, future-ready storage solutions. New capabilities include:
  • Over 10:1 capacity savings with intelligent deduplication and compression
  • Federated data control with Live Migrate
  • Seamless business continuity with Live Volume auto-failover between arrays
  • Federated management and cross-platform replication between SC and PS Series arrays
  • Quality-of-Service (QoS), VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) support,iSCSI Datacenter Bridging (DCB)
  • See individual spec sheets and product documentation for additional features and specific platform support.
All-new hardware platform
Designed as the next-generation successor to the popular SC4020 array, SC5020 is a performance powerhouse. With dual 8-core Intel processors, 4x more memory and a 12Gb SAS back end, the SC5020 delivers

  • Up to 45% more IOPs
  • Up to 3X higher bandwidth (GB/sec)
  • 2X greater max capacity

The new 3U “all-in-one” chassis includes 30 drive bays plus dual hot-swappable controllers, providing up to 460TB raw capacity in a single compact unit. A variety of expansion enclosures lets you scale over 2PB per array – with even larger scale-out potential in federated multi-array systems.

But the advantages don’t stop with fast hardware. SC5020 includes all the Storage Center Operating System (SCOS) features you’ve come to expect from SC Series storage.

Crank up the performance, crank down the cost:
SC5020 makes storage cost savings automatic with a modern architecture that optimizes your data center for economics while delivering transformational SSD, HDD or hybrid performance. 

SC Series provides the lowest effective price/GB for flash and hybrid flash, giving companies of any size the technology advantage they need to compete in today’s fast-changing markets. Highlights include:

  • Data Progression – Achieve IOPS goals with the least expensive mix of storage media, even as performance needs evolve
  • Deduplication & Compression – Dramatically reduce the raw capacity required to store your data
  • RAID tiering – Eliminate manual provisioning, increase efficiency and utilization
  • Federation – Simplify multi-array environments with quick and seamless data movement, plus proactive load balancing assistance via Live Migrate and Volume Advisor
  • ProSupport Services – Reduce deployment costs with remote installation options that ensure your project goes right the first time.
  • Persistent software licensing – Future-proof your investment, minimize the cost of upgrades and expansions