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List of Latest dell network management Models

Next generation network management:
Cloud-based wired and wireless management for Dell Networking switches and Aerohive APs.

Flexible network management:
HiveManager NG allows administrators to plan, configure and deploy wired and wireless networks and maintain complete control through a powerful cloud platform. The HiveManager NG architecture sets a new standard for simplicity and flexibility by combining:
  • Public or private cloud deployment
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Simplified troubleshooting
  • Operational intelligence
Powerful converged network management:
Easily discover, configure, monitor and manage your networking devices with OpenManage Network Manager.

Key benefits:
Automates the discovery of IPv4 and IPv6 network devices and addresses and provides detailed information on their connectivity, including the ability to draw physical and logical topology maps.
Easily configure and manage groups of network devices; configuration changes and firmware deployments can be made to multiple devices in one operation, and many network operations can be scheduled for pre-determined times.
Network administrator can monitor health and performance of their network, create dashboards to capture important events and trends, and display them over time.
Helps reduce TCO by proactively monitoring for network problems, automating common configuration actions and enabling easy firmware deployment.
Pay as you grow by only purchasing the licenses you need now and stacking new licenses you purchase in the future.
Ensure you’re supported with automated hardware warranty and support expiration alerts and reports.
Streamline troubleshooting with Dell SupportAssist automation. Ensure your Dell Networking switches are communicating with Dell support to reduce troubleshooting steps and speed up resolution time.
View the Datacenter by integrating with Dell OpenManage Essentials to view server and networking information in one place.

Key features:
  • Multi-platform support with installations for Windows, Linux, and VMware virtual appliance
  • Multi-vendor management for devices from Dell plus key vendors like Cisco, Juniper, HP, Arista, Extreme and Brocade
  • Compliance auditing and remediation that pinpoints and corrects configuration issues to stay compliant
  • Comprehensive and flexible reporting capabilities for inventory, firmware, interfaces, ports and more
  • Traffic flow analysis reports that allow sFlow data export to .csv
  • Multi tenancy with support for multiple client organizations from a single instance
  • One-to-many device configuration management and templates for backup, restore and deployment of switches
  • Advanced scheduling schedules key tasks, such as backup and configuration changes