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lenovo thinksystem dm series

List of Latest lenovo thinksystem dm series Models

Hybrid Flash - fast, flexible, reliable and secure
  • Unified storage
  • NVMe onboard the system offering outstanding performance
  • Up to 5:1 data reduction capabilities

Scale out to 57PB of unified storage
Accelerate unified workloads with hybrid flash
Seamlessly connect to the cloud
Offers "six 9s" of availability

Scale and adapt to meet changing needs
Scaling up is easy with DM Series hybrid storage. Simply add more storage, flash acceleration, and upgrade the controllers. To scale out, grow from a base of two nodes to a 12-array cluster containing up to 28PB (SAN) or 57PB (NAS) of capacity. You can cluster with DM Series all-flash models for flexible growth as your business demands.

Adding and replacing storage systems and components is nondisruptive. This enables you to perform updates while running your usual workloads, without having to worry about maintenance windows.
Modernize your datacenter and accelerate business:
  • Achieve 5:1 data reduction without sacrificing performance
  • Eliminate planned downtime and disruptions
  • Consolidate your infrastructure by scaling up to 57PB of unified storage
  • Optimize for hybrid cloud – easily implement a service-oriented IT architecture

  • Offers 5:1 overall data reduction
  • Deploy key workloads like SQL Server, VMware and SAP HANA in less than 10 minutes (1 screen)
  • Experience 11x lower power consumption when using all flash (vs HDD arrays)
  • Synchronous replication — switch primary site instantly
  • Unified architecture reduces hardware requirements by as much as 50%

The challenge
Businesses must continually improve the speed and responsiveness of key business operations if they are to reduce time to market and increase customer satisfaction. One key ingredient of this effort is all-flash storage, which greatly accelerates critical workloads.

However, as all-flash becomes prevalent throughout the data center, it soon becomes apparent that enterprise-grade data management capabilities are critical in a shared environment. To deliver the ultimate solution, all-flash storage needs to offer robust data management, integrated data protection, and seamless scalability.

Accelerate your data
These all-flash arrays offer a range of connectivity including 40Gb Ethernet (GbE), 32Gb Fibre Channel, and NVMe over Fibre Channel, minimizing latency and maximizing performance.

In fact, DM Series systems are so fast they eliminate the bandwidth bottlenecks inherent in other systems that are caused by flash storage exceeding the speed of the network. By leveraging NVMe over Fibre Channel, you can reduce your storage latency by up to 50%.