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lenovo high density server

List of Latest lenovo high density server Models

Direct water cooling for a highly efficient data center
  • Delivers greater performance than aircooled servers
  • Provides greater rack and data center density than air-cooled servers
  • Dramatically reduces energy costs
  • Supports high-speed EDR IB and Omni Path fabrics
  • Supports standard SSDs, NVMe SSDs, and M.2 boot SSDs, for even greater storage flexibility

  • Direct water cooling design removes up to 90% of server heat from the rack, keeping processors up to 20°C cooler. This enables the processors to continually run in "turbo" mode, greatly increasing system performance.
  • Uses incoming (inlet) water for cooling, reducing or eliminating the need for expensive data center evaporative chillers. This saves both equipment costs and footprint space.
  • Exiting (outlet) water can be used to heat campus buildings to reduce overall energy use, saving you even more on energy costs.

Innovative design
The Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 dual-node tray is designed for high performance computing (HPC), large-scale cloud, and heavy simulations. It supports workloads from technical computing to grid deployments to analytics and is ideally suited for fields such as research, oil and gas, and engineering. The SD650's unique water-cooling technology provides many key benefits. Compared to other technology, the SD650's direct water cooling:
  • Reduces data center energy costs by 40%
  • Increases system performance
  • Delivers 90% heat removal efficiency*
  • Creates a quieter data center
  • Enables data center growth without adding CRACs

Maximum performance and management
  • Designed to run the highest core-count Intel Xeon Scalable Family processors, the SD650 powers through demanding HPC workloads. Because water cooling removes more heat, CPUs can run in “turbo” mode nonstop, getting up to 10% greater performance from the CPU. For even greater system performance, the SD650 uses 2667MHz DDR4 memory and supports NVMe storage, high-speed EDR InfiniBand, and Omni Path adapters.
  • The SD650 is managed by Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestrator (LiCO), a powerful management suite with an intuitive GUI that helps to easily manage large HPC cluster resources and accelerate development of AI applications.
The density of blades, the economics of rack systems
  • Modular I/O shuttle design
  • Supports HPC and enterprise workloads
  • Superior storage performance
  • Add-on tray supports two GPUs per node
  • XClarity Management

  • Ultra-dense 2U, 4-node platform delivers more in less space
  • Extreme compute capability, ready to adapt when you are
  • Ultra-agile shuttle design provides the modularity to transform

Ready for what's next
  • Easily adjusting to new environments and different conditions has been the dictionary definition of adaptability. Now, Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530 redefines IT adaptability. SD530 is a single platform designed to excel not only at critical enterprise workload environments (such as virtualization, hyperconverged infrastructure, and cloud), but also at high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). Combining the efficiency and density of blades with the value and simplicity of rack-based servers, SD530 could very well be the most adaptable server on Earth.
  • ThinkSystem SD530 consists of a modular 2U Lenovo D2 Enclosure containing up to four front-access SD530 servers (nodes). Each node, incorporating two powerful Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family CPUs, achieves up to 56 percent faster performance than the previous generation. The innovative design of the D2 enclosure provides the flexibility to meet varied needs in the modern data center. For example, multiple D2 Enclosures can be easily daisy-chained together and then managed as a single unit, which reduces cabling costs by as much as 92 percent, compared to the previous generation*, and simplifies administration.
Customized, integrated HPC and AI solutions
  • Optimized for reliability, interoperability, and maximum performance
  • Industry-best technology
  • Increased automation and built-in intelligence
  • End-to-end solutions with end-to-end support

Solutions made simple
  • Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure (LeSI) is a fulfillment framework for designing, manufacturing, integrating, and delivering data center solutions, with a focus on high performance computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) environments.
  • Using best-recipe interoperability validation, rack-level testing and factory integration, Lenovo delivers innovative, tailored, and fully supported solutions. This enables clients to focus on maximizing time to production and delivering business value.

Solutions support
  • LeSI includes a three-year warranty and offers solution level interoperability support while under warranty/maintenance. Interoperability support is based on a "best recipe" release of software and firmware levels that Lenovo warrants to work seamlessly together as a data center solution.
  • Warranty services upgrades and post-warranty upgrades are available to ensure uninterrupted coverage to match the planned life of your system. Lenovo offers a wide range of flexible warranty maintenance upgrades and post-warranty maintenance agreements.

Lenovo Services
Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to support the IT lifecycle of your Lenovo assets, to fully address your deployment needs, including:

Lenovo deployment services:
Basic hardware installation
Customized HPC deployment services

Lenovo data center infrastructure services:
  • Data center best practices workshop
  • Assessment of the thermal and electrical health of your data center
  • Planning for power, cooling, and enery efficiency
  • Installation services
In addition, Lenovo can provide Premium and Managed Support Services.
Scalable solution for HPC, analytics & cloud storage 
  • Complex solutions made simple
  • Advanced technology, optimized solution
  • Maximize uptime with quick disk rebuild
  • End-to-end solutions, end-to-end support

Storage at scale
  • Keeping up with storage demands for High Performance Computing (HPC), Analytics, and Cloud can place a significant burden on IT.
  • Lenovo Distributed Storage Solution for IBM Spectrum Scale (DSS-G) provides a modular approach to scaling storage capacity and performance, reducing the effort needed to deploy and expand the environment. Clients can focus their efforts on maximizing business value instead of consuming valuable resources to design, optimize, install, and support the infrastructure required to meet business demands.

Optimized design
Lenovo DSS-G features industry-leading Lenovo servers with powerful Intel Xeon processor Scalable family CPUs, Lenovo 12Gbps SAS storage enclosures and drives, software, and networking components that allow for a wide choice of technology within an integrated solution, available in a preintegrated rack or deployed in a customer rack. With DSS-G, high-storage density and I/O performance, you gain all the reliability, integration and interoperability of a high-capacity Spectrum Scale-based storage architecture.
Achieve Scale & Lower Operating Costs
  • Highly efficient water cooling
  • Near-silent data center operation
  • Continuously operate in turbo mode
  • Enhanced density, no performance sacrifice
  • Substantial savings in power and cooling costs

  • Achieve scale while lowering your operating expense and raising your performance.
  • Reach peak performance by operating continuously in turbo mode.
  • Greater energy efficiency across the data center.
  • Reduce nearly all data center noise by eliminating system cooling fans.
  • Drive faster payback by repurposing system heated water elsewhere in your facility.
  • Significantly enhance density while helping to lower power and cooling costs—without sacrificing performance.
Scalable, Powerful, Dense
Lenovo NeXtScale System addresses the increasing data and computing challenges of the data center by delivering dense performance across a variety of functions—from compute, I/O, storage and acceleration—in more cost- and energy-efficient ways than ever before. NeXtScale System now provides even greater performance, efficiency and flexibility with a choice of air-cooled or water-cooled offerings.

Strong Foundation
Included as a key part of the Lenovo server family, the space-saving NeXtScale System comprises powerful compute, storage and acceleration nodes in an energy-efficient, low-cost 6-bay enclosure.