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Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays


Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays price in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra pradesh

Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays - Offer Price

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More capacity and performance
Increase capacity and improve performance with an ultra-dense array for midsized deployments.

High-performing, ultra-dense arrays:
The Dell Storage PS6610 arrays combine next-generation powerful controllers and an updated dense storage architecture to meet large data repository requirements. PS and SC Series latest software releases offer common management and cross-platform replication, allowing you to leverage existing investments while taking advantage of new functionality.

The PS6610 can scale out to over 8PB in a group of 16 arrays with improved density, memory and performance than the previous generation.
  • Provides up to 7x greater performance in a hybrid configuration than previous generation arrays
  • Supports over half a petabyte in a single array and up to 3.5x* greater capacity than the previous generation
  • Offers space savings with 2.8x* more density per U than the previous generation

Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays - Specification

Product configurations

Provides affordable, high-capacity
storage for data-intensive workloads
such as archival/secondary storage.

Storage controllers

Dual controllers with 32GB non-volatile memory per controller

Network interfaces

10GbE connectivity;
management network: 1 x 100BASE-TX per controller;
interface ports: 2 x 10GBASE-T with RJ45 or 2 x 10GbE
SFP+ for fibre or twin-ax copper cabling


Redundant hot-swappable controllers; hot-swappable disks and power supplies

Enclosure monitoring system

Automatic spare configuration and utilization, SMART,
Automatic bad block replacement,
Auto-Stat Disk Monitoring System (ADMS) to monitor health of data on disk drives

Management interfaces

DSM for day-to-day tasks across SC Series and PS Series arrays from a single management interface; PS Series Group Manager;
SAN Headquarters multi-group performance and event monitoring tool; Serial console; Ability to configure a separate management network;
SNMP, telnet, SSH, HTTP, Web (SSL), host scripting; Multi-administrator support


CHAP authentication; Access control lists and policies for iSCSI;
Access control for management interfaces including Active Directory,
LDAP or RADIUS support


Height: 5U/22.23 cm (8.8 in), Width: 48.26 cm (19 in), Depth: 91.44 cm (36 in), Weight: 130.7 kg (287.5 lb) (max config)


Dual 2800W, 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz (high AC line power source only)